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Group Therapy

You're imperfect, and you're wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.


"A weekly commitment is not my idea of fun, but I have found that with group therapy I  get as much out of listening as I do talking."  (VP)



The benefit of group therapy is that clients interact with other clients in a protected environment.   The therapists' role here is to facilitate clients' abilities to identify with each other, react to one another, help and learn from each other.  In addition, group therapy can be likened to a laboratory where skills and behaviors can be practiced and feelings can be expressed safely.  The experience of resolving a conflict or respecting differences can be transferred to outside relationships.  Confidentiality is adhered to and socializing outside of group is not recommended in order to receive maximum benefit.

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES GROUP  Rona leads an ongoing group for individuals who are dissatisfied with their interpersonal relationships and feel lonely or stuck.  It is also for people who may have a significant other but cannot convince their partners to engage in couples therapy.  These clients are helping each other find ways to improve their relationships by changing themselves while finding acceptance for not being able to change their partners.  

 FOOD FOR THOUGHT is a women-only group in which such topics as self-worth, body image, weight and eating issues, family and relationships are all open for discussion.  We give support and feedback when desired in an environment of unconditional and non-judgmental acceptance. 

AGING WITH GRACE  Are you facing some of the losses or loneliness of older age, or fearing the physical and mental changes that take place later in life?  Are you recently retired or afraid to retire?  This group is for men and women who would like to talk about these questions or any related thoughts or feelings.  Please schedule a screening to determine whether this group is for you!!

Significantly improved self-esteem is a direct benefit of  group therapy.

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