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Couples Therapy

You can't heal what you refuse to confront.

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Couples therapy works because the therapist serves as a neutral mediator and is able to assist the couple to stop repetitive, unproductive patterns of communication.  The goal is to improve the relationship, and the therapists' job is to give equal time, attention, and understanding to both parties.  A successful couples therapist will teach new techniques of communication and facilitate each member of the couple to gain insight and understanding of the behaviors that were ineffective.

Rona has worked with countless couples teaching effective interpersonal skills.  In addition, she has many years of experience helping couples to define their expectations and get the kind of understanding and attention they want while transforming tension into calm communication.  She has worked effectively with couples when trust has been broken and repair is necessary.  All you need is a desire to stay together and make things better.  Therapy can also assist when it is time to separate and can help to process the loss and necessary adjustments.

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