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EMDR has a direct effect on the way the brain processes information, and enables the reduction or elimination of upsetting feelings associated with bad experiences.

This method can help you reduce anxiety and recover from any kind of traumatic or distressing experience.  It can also help with addictive behaviors, fears, and all kinds of losses.


  • When a disturbing event occurs, it can get locked or frozen in the brain with the original pictures, sounds, thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Present day experiences can activate those original feelings, thoughts, images, sensations.

  •   EMDR seems to stimulate that frozen information and allows the brain to process the experience by connecting that stuck memory with other information in your brain.

  •   Similar to what may be happening in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when we dream. The eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation (tones, taps) may help to process the unconscious material.​

  • It is a client centered approach that allows the clinician to facilitate the mobilization of the client’s own healing mechanism which stimulates an innate information processing system in the brain.

"I was introduced to Rona after suffering from panic attacks that arose seemingly out of nowhere (I hadn’t struggled with anxiety historically).

Rona took the time with me to narrow down the timeframe of my anxiety, and it brought us to a scarier than usual life event from about a year prior that I had previously written off as a “dramatic moment.”

Having no experience or knowledge of EMDR prior, Rona began to take me through the process, focusing on the details of that event, and allowing me to go back and rewrite the script in my head. 

My experience was amazing - I was able to make sense of my outsized physical reactions in many unrelated areas of my life and see the themes that initiated the horrible anxiety. In understanding where it came from and developing a “new script,” the anxiety melted away and I began to feel like regular old me again.

Full circle, I had challenged myself to address my fear directly, and after having successfully accomplished my goals, I am pleased to say that Rona is the best solution (both talk and EMDR therapies) for navigating the speed bumps in life that throw us off our game."


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